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Straight Ahead Ministries is an international organization dedicated to seeing the lives of youth at risk transformed through faith and relationship.
Straight Ahead began with a single Bible study in a juvenile detention center in New England over twenty-five years ago.  No one, including founders Scott and Hanne Larson, could have predicted the unprecedented growth of the organization that has impacted a generation of young people.   Today Straight Ahead is an international organization at work in 19 states and 5 countries, with materials in use in 35 countries.  Over 25,000 young people have been reached.
Straight Ahead offers a way for young people who are looking for a new way to go.  Staff, volunteers and affiliates facilitate Bible discussion groups, PROMISE recovery groups and Ready4Life character development trainings in juvenile detention centers, offering opportunities for kids to discover new ways of thinking and living.
The work continues in the community through reentry programs like Lynn Reentry and Worcester Aftercare that provide educational opportunities, job readiness training and resources for young people in transition from lock-up to independence.    Social ventures like Creating Hope Apparel, Straight Up Café and The New You employ and empower youth, giving them opportunities to develop marketable skills.
After twenty five years of successful experience, Straight Ahead has beome a leading juvenile justice resource center, offering a Master’s degree in Juvenile Justice Ministries through Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and a bachelor’s degree through Gordon College, along with education and training for anyone interested in juvenile justice ministry.

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    Every time you donate to the new you, you're supporting youth in our job readiness and training programs!

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    From International Director John Kinsley:
    Many of you have helped to make this possible. Following is a report from Sergei Sykba on some of the transformation going on at the juvenile prison In Kremenchuk, Ukraine. Thank you! This fall, we'll be putting new windows in the "quarantine" area of the prison where new kids come.


    Sergei Skyba

    I’d like to share what has been done in the juvenile colony due to our common efforts and your prayers and financial support. Over the last month, all the lamps have been replaced in hallways between guys’ rooms; the walls have been painted a lighter color. Water-heater, fridge, water-boilers, and shaving machines have been bought. The colony in Kremenchuk has been recognized as the best juvenile prison in Ukraine; and it is due to our mutual work over the last two years. It’s the best regarding living conditions, as well as spiritual and moral state of prisoners. After some inspections had been held in the colony, its director approached me and said that it was only God who could have done it. He also said that the colony was the best because Christians pray for it and God’s blessing is on it. We praise God for what has been done in the colony. Praise the Lord!За последнее время совместными усилиями нашей церкви и через ваши молитвы и финансы мы провели следующий объем работы в подростковой колонии. На протяжении последнего месяца были заменены все лампы дневного света в коридорах между комнатами, в которых живут ребята, а также стены в этих коридорах были перекрашены в светлые тона. Были куплены водонагреватель, холодильник, чайники, машинки для стрижки. Результатом наших трудов на протяжении последних двух лет колонию в Кременчуге признали лучшей в Украине среди подростковых колоний. Лучшей, как по условиям проживания, так и по морально-духовному состоянию ребят. После прошедших проверок ко мне подошел начальник колонии и сказал, что только Бог мог такое совершить. Также он сказал, что наша зона лучшая, потому что верующие люди молятся за нас и Бог нас благословляет. Мы благодарили Бога за совершенный труд в колонии. Слава Господу!

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